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EMF Radiation exposure inside homes is very common because the normal building process ignores this subtle impact on health and therefor homes are regrettably continued to be build with radiation exposure ‘built in’. The art of EMF Radiation-Free Building aims to anticipate these common problems, avoid them where possible or deal with them by incorporating verifiable EMF radiation protection solutions, designed for holistic health, into the building process.

The implementation of EMF radiation protection in a new build home is not difficult in most cases but needs to be planned well and thought of early (before land is purchased)

By making small design changes in the home, EMF radiation protection can be incorporated without altering the design. Often hidden completely for those who know nothing about it and enjoyed day after day by the family that lives, grows and recuperates in the home. After all:

A home should support the lifestyle but also protect the health of those living there… not work against it.

Patrick van der Burght is likely one of the most experienced consultants globally in this particular field. Assisting the owners and builders of individual homes, large residential developments, health resorts and royal residences to understand and incorporate the Radiation-Free Building approach.

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What do you expect from your four walls?

When designing a home we think of the space we need and how we plan to use it. Sometimes we think how the home affects the environment and we reduce our footstep, but what about YOUR environment? 

Truth is that the use of electricity in the home brings radiation with it which eminates from the wiring inside your walls and ceilings. Electricity supply going past the home can force unfixable magnetic fields into the property. The effects of which are well documented in much research on EMF radiation exposure over the decades. So this should be assessed before the land purchase and considered when locating the home on the land.

To top it all off, our exposure to radio frequency radiation is ever increasing from 3G, 4G, 5G, (6G?) phone towers that communicate with our phones, the tower to tower radiation that uses much higher frequencies, satelits flying overhead and the many WiFi signals you can probably identify on your computer. All of which are radio frequency radiation which the World Health Organisation has classified as a Class 2B possible carcinogen… the same classification that exhaust fumes received.(!)

The human body is a chemical and electrical miracle. How can we expect our bodies to function, grow (children) and restore (sleep) optimally under the relentless barage of energy (radiation) that is foreigh to to our bodies? Sure, you could build like everyone else and we could come in after and try fix what is fixable. Doesn’t it make more sense now, as you are looking at building your new home, hotel, health resort or palace, to take the opportunity to make a small change in your design and build something truely special. Now is the time when it is most cost effective to protect yourself, your family or your clients.

What EMF radiation types are new build homes effected by?

As soon as homes included electricity our bodies has a serious burden to deal with because electrical wiring throws out an electric field that latches on to our bodies. Even before the introduction of phone towers, the GEOVITAL Academy for Radiation Protection was very busy addressing electricity in the homes of its health clients and patients. Old homes had this problem but new homes are wired much more for convenience and to power more of the tech we use. The result is much more wiring in the modern home and more problems.

Then there is larger demand on the power grid which can effect the presence of magnetic fields from power lines in the street. Add to that the every increasing radiation that comes from phone towers and the wireless technology in modern life and your new home ends up with lots of radiation/energy that the body doesn’t know how to react to or body  functions are actually impaired. 

In the drop-down boxes we explain the most common types of radiation and the focus of Radiation-Free Building, in more detail. Click on the ‘+’ to reveal the explanation.

Magnetic Fields in New Build Homes

 Magnetic fields come from electrical current, the flow of electricity. The main sources (ignoring appliances that can also produce them) responsible for finding these in a new build home, are:

– Transmission lines, the power lines passing at the front, rear or sides of the property (in-ground or above ground), transformers in the street, the power supply cables coming to your home
– The circuit breaker panel, solar panels, solar inverters, tube lighting
– Poor positioning of the power meter and circuit breaker panel within the home
– Wiring errors
– Stray current in the ground making its way through your new home via the metal reinforcement of a concrete slab that the home is build on

Magnetic field can often NOT be shielded (protected) against and it is therefor very important to work to avoid them in the construction, but even more importantly the land should be surveyed before it is purchased ideally. This is because source like power lines near the property can have its magnetic fields reach too deep into the property, which could change your mind about buying it in the first place or we may wish to position the building in a different location on the land than was first thought.

When looking for a block of land for your future home, you can do some preliminary investigating yourself with a good quality amateur gauss meter (look at our products page for information). Once you think you have a suitable location, you could engage our services to double check your findings and assess radio frequency radiation exposure on the body whilst we are on-site (amateur meters don’t have that capability) and we can also investigate for geopathic stress which may effect placement of the home as well.

Most countries governments adopted very old research outcomes and condone anything under 1000mG (milligauss) for their population. You, don’t want anything near ONE milligauss (1mG) in your home. Ideally closer to 0.3mG in the bedrooms is what you want.

Terrible example of Transmission Line Radiation

This is an extreme example of transmission lines but magnetic fields can be very strong without transmission lines. Internal wiring faults can produce terrible magnetic fields in a home and so can stray current is in the area.

Electric Fields in New Build Homes

Electric fields are caused by the presence of Voltage inside the wiring of your home. As new homes are ‘wired for convenience’ they end up with more wiring than ever before. All this wiring will be emitting electric fields at 50 or 60 times per second (depending what country you are in) and these fields can easily extend 2 meters or 6 foot from the walls, ceilings and floors.

See it like a never ending irritation signal that doesn’t leave you alone in the home and this is especially bad in the bedroom. We are electrical beings and we just can’t expect the body to work optimally in its repair functions when we’re sleeping in a sea of radiation that interferes with us every second of every hour, all night long.

You don’t have to build this into your home!

Instead of trying to fix it later, we can address it during the build by using shielded cable instead of normal cable and by creating clever ways to terminate the power to a section of the home at night.

At the GEOVITAL Academy of Radiation Protection, we feel electric field are the one thing that has the biggest impact on sleep quality.

In the training room at the GEOVITAL Academy we demonstrate electric field exposure from wiring in the wall and a solution for this. A doctor in sleep medicine who is being trained by us in EMF assessment, comments on this exposure.

Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation in New Build Homes

This radiation type is everything that travels through the air without cables. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cell phone signals, Cell phone tower radiation, Airport Navigation Systems, Radar and wireless baby monitors are but a few well-known sources.

You can choose to not have these devices in our home or if that is too difficult, turn them off when not needed. Radio frequency radiation that is forced on us from outside sources is a different story and a potent disruptor of body mechanisms on which there is much research.

Shielding a home against RF radiation sounds more complicated than it is. It is relatively easy to incorporate, but it should be well planned and we should use materials that are designed for a holistic approach to health. The ingredients left out are just as important as what goes in, when it comes to creating a space not only low in RF radiation, but also healthy to be in after. GEOVITAL seems to be the only manufacturer that has this on their radar. You see our background as natural health clinic shining through here.

Shielding protection against RF radiation is relatively simple to implement in an existing home by the home owner/renter or a painter, using T98 shielding paint and some guidance. In this example you see the results when this was implemented in a new built home.

Patrick van der Burght on-site in Germany Radiation-Free Building project

Schedule a general consultation session online to discuss your project. Understand what issues might need to be considered in your build. Book an online consultation before you engage Patrick’s services more formally on your home, hotel, health resort or palace construction project by clicking the button to the right.

You can build a home or building that supports the Lifestyle AND Health

It makes so much sense to make some small investments into your project to address these EMF radiation issues and reduce them dramatically. The most important function of a home is to keep you safe (from burglars, the weather and the stresses of life). Building an environment that help your body rest and restore, instead of working against it, should be a high priority.


Patrick van der Burght in an interview with a UK doctor that has been campaigning for many years, especially against EMF radiation exposure in schools.

When should you start thinking about EMF radiation exposure?

To build a home you need land. This land can have unfixable problems so you should investigate every property with a good quality gauss meter in hand. If you have already purchased your land, then you better check it right now before investing anything else into this property. Often there is nothing to worry about, bit if you are unlucky, you should seriously consider weather living here long-term is such a good move. Maybe now you can still back out, sell it, and secure a better place to build. We can assist you with a professional on-site assessment to double check your findings and assess things like radio frequency radiation on the body and geopathic stress from the ground. When Patrick or one of his consultants does an on-site assessment, this also qualifies you for a sizeable discount on the products later.

Once the land is secured you’ll be designing and choosing the size and shape of your home. It is important to negotiate with any builder, their willingness to incorporate EMF shielding measures. Too often once contracts are already signed, negotiation proves difficult on incorporation of something the builder is unfamiar with.

As soon as you have settled on your design, you should involve Patrick. He will go over your design and location (possibly with hands-on on-site experience), and work to identify where EMF radiation exposure is likely to occure. He will formulate some different approaches and work out costings for these. You get a writen proposal and after that a meeting is held to elaborate and settle on the approach you wish. 


What can be done against EMF radiation exposure in a new build home?

We can use avoidance and shielding solutions against much of the EMF radiation sources that would otherwise be ‘build in’ with the new property. Electric fields from wiring and RF radiation from phone towers and other wireless transmitters can be dealt with in one way or another.

Magnetic fields should be avoided at all cost. The land should be choosen after measuring the magnetic fields and we need try to reduce the likelihood of internal sources producing magnetic field from within.

Electric fields can be dramatically reduced by choosing the right wiring, deviding the home in workable zones and taking advantage of the dual function that RF shielding materials can have, when it comes to electric fields.

Radio Frequency (RF) radiation can be relatively easily shielded against but the right quality products whould be used (designed for a holistic approach to shielding and health). Ideally the outside of the home is shielded, or the bedrooms, or a combination of these. Selection of particular ‘normal’ building materials may also have a RF reduction effect we can take advantage of.

Some solutions that can be incorporated are:

T98 Shielding Paint - A carefully designed high performance solution in which NOT every ingredient was allowed in the fight against radiation. Perfect against RF radiation and when grounded also a barrier for electric fields.

GPA Shielding Mesh - A forgiving and easy to apply wrapping of walls, floors and roofs against RF radiation. Able to be grounded so also a great barrier against electric fields.

Shielded Electrical Cable - A staple when it comes to building radiation-free.

Cut-Off Switches - Giving you an easy way to remove electricity from electric circuits when they are not needed.

Consultation to building company about large scale shielding of residential apartments in Malaysia

EMF Radiation-Free Building is more an investment than a cost

Considering the cost of building a home, apartment building, hotel, health resort or palace, the cost of implementing EMF radiation reduction strategies is minor. Not only will you enjoy it, or market it as a responsible advantage of your commercial venue, but it should also increase the resell value.

Incorporating EMF radiation avoidance and protection is more an investment than a cost. 

Whole House Shielding

External shielding of a home with T98 shielding paint is an option when you have ongoing surfaces which you were going to be painted anyway.


GPA Shielding Mesh

GPA Mesh is a great defence against RF radiation and electric fields. With easy application it is forgiving to work with and can be applied by any builder or novice.

T98 Shielding Paint

Any painter can apply T98 Shielding Paint as this video demonstrates but we also had the shielding performance when ‘amateurs’ applied T98 indepently tested. The results were exceptionally good. T98 CAN be successfully used by the inexperienced.

Radiation-Free Building in Progress

Creating a home to keep you safe should include protection against the EMF radiation sources that can affect health. Here we see Radiation-Free Building in action and a clever use of panels under timber wall coverings.

How is the body effected by EMF radiation or Electronic Pollution?

The human body is a miracle with chemical processes but certainly also electrical processes. Our central nervous system for example uses electrical impulse to make your body function. Cells also have electrical triggers that can affect the cell. There is much research on the effects of EMF radiation exposure to the human body and also research on why it does so. Voltage gated calcium channels for example, can be triggered open by EMF radiation from sources like Wi-Fi and phone tower radiation (see research of Prof Martin Paul). When this happens, the channel allows too much calcium in the cells which damages them and kills them prematurely. As the Central Nervous System has many of these cells, the effects of exposure to EMF radiation can be extremely wide ranging, begin very slowly over years and are often ignored as being part of ‘getting older’.

The fact is that the amount of radiation we are now exposed to is said to be a quintillion times larger than what we got from nature. Many signals being similar to that used in microwave ovens. We are indeed part of a world-wide uncontrolled experiment and a very slow cooking process. Then there is also the effects of this on insects, like bees, that are responsible for pollinating our crops, but let’s not get into that here. Just looking at human effects, we see amongst many other things:

  • A serious drop in sperm quality in technologically advanced countries, increases in diabetes
  • Chronic health issues are out of control
  • Immune systems are suppressed by multiple mechanisms
  • Cancer is out of control and our bodies are no longer resting and regenerating properly due to poor sleep and constant irritation from electronic pollution signals.
  • And much more…

A great summary source of research in this area can be fund in the 1600+ pages ‘Bioinitiative Report’ which can be freely downloaded from www.bioinitiative.org

Why is Patrick van der Burght a globally recognised Radiation-Free Building consultant?

Patrick has been active in EMF radiation assessment, mitigation and consultant training for over a decade and is the senior managing partner of GEOVITAL INTERNATIONAL which represents GEOVITAL outside Europe. The GEOVITAL Academy for Radiation Protection has near 40 years experience in this field and seems to be the only institute that has come to the assessment and mitigations approach, as well as the development of solutions, from actually working with health clients (patients of our clinic) and benchmarking against their long-term successes.

Here are some reasons Patrick is trusted by so many when it comes to creating healthier homes:

  • Patrick is recognised as a global authority in the EMF radiation assessment and wholistic mitigation.
  • He is a frequent guest on podcasts and summits, as well as that he has his own podcast channel called Health Stronghold.
  • He is an international speaker on the subject of EMF radiation as a health burden, its assessment, avoidance and mitigation, including on medical congresses.
  • Patrick's passion is Radiation-Free Building and he has been involved in many build projects of residential homes across many continents.
  • He has consulted on Radiation-Free Building approaches on Health Resorts, Large Scale Residential Developments in Asia and a Royal Residence in the middle-east.
  • Patrick has countless videos on Youtube on EMF radiation, and he
  • has clients in most continents which he consults with over distance and on-site.

Her Royal Highness Sultanah of Pahang with Patrick van der Burght

Patrick is likely the person with the most experience in the world when it comes building homes EMF radiation-free which is a passion of his. He assists families globally with existing and new build homes, who want to recover from health issues, prevent them from occurring or optimise their health for peak performance. He works with ordinary families, corporate high-flyers, celebrities and royalty.

One Year in the life of your EMF Radiation Specialist

Patrick is one ofr the few consultants actually involved in EMF Radiation Protection, consultancy and teaching, all year round. Be blown away by what a year around the world looks like:

Patrick van der Burght assesses EMF radiation in a new build home

Patrick van der Burght conducts all English spoken training for the GEOVITAL Academy and has trained many consultants now active in the field. His passion is radiation-free building where the common problems found in every home are aimed to be avoided during placement and construction. He is likely the most experience consultant in the English speaking world on this subject. He loves improving people’s lives personally or through his network of consultants.

If you’d like to get in touch with his team, you can contact us here.

Should you wish to book an online consultation with him (in English) to discuss your particular situation before engaging his services or that of his consultants, you can:

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Congratulations to you for realising the importance of creating a home or building that supports health instead of letting it burden health. We look forward to being part of your project. What to do next?

If you haven't committed to purchasing land yet, then the most sensible is to book an online consultation with Patrick van der Burght and discuss your steps going forward. This can include you conducting preliminary assessments for magnetic fields with a proper meter and after that an on-site assessment by us. In the online consultation we can also discuss your general building ideas and give you feedback of the options or radiation-free building approached available to you.

If you already have the land, the same online consultation can be used to get pointer on how to assess what you have already purchased.

Once you know where you're building then you have two options:

  • Do an online consultation to discuss your ideas in general, get feedback and ideas on how you could make improvements to your ideas and decide if we are the right company to assist you going forward from that, or
  • When you know you want us to work with you; Request to be taken on as a building client by contacting us, be charged for a minimum 3 hours consulting time so that you can send us your plans to be analysed in great detail and present you with formal approaches for your plans. If you don't have plans ready yet, you can use part of the initial 3 hours to have preliminary discussions on design and approaches you could use.

 We look forward to working with you and help you create a home, resort or palace what doesn't just suit the lifestyle but also supports health.



NOTICE: The term radiation-free or EMF-free should not be taken literally. There will always some level of radiation exposure including important natural signals we get from nature. The aim of EMF radiation protection is to lower exposure to a level where the body can function more effectively to aid health recovery and maintainance. Radiation protection is not a medicine or treatment.