What can you do yourself before involving  professional assistance in Radiation-Free Building?

EMF Radiation exposure is different in all locations. It is certainly not rare and you would be taking a serious risk if you did not investigate the land you want to build a healthier radiation-free home or resort on, or a home you want to renovate and live in.

You might be horrified how many residential land blocks in the cities would be considered ‘unfixable’ because of magnetic field exposure from nearby power, at levels our industry and our experience would indicate you are better off not buying.

Because the there is such a high chance that a property is ‘no good’, it can get costly to get well-trained professional help from people like Patrick van der Burght and his growing network of global consultants (contact us, we’ll put you in touch with those trained in the building process) for every location you might consider purchasing.

Luckily there are things you can assess yourself at each site to eliminate those properties you should not get involved with. On this page we’ll share what you need to know about conducting preliminary site assessments yourself before you get your professional to verify your assessment and more.

Let’s avoid buying land or a building you wished you never had laid eyes on

It is devastating to want to build a healthier home, only to find out that the land you wanted to build on or home you wanted to renovate, which you have already purchased…  has unfixable exposures to EMF radiation that preclude you from wanting to develop or inhabit it.

What EMF radiation types need to be considered when selecting a site for a healthier EMF-free home?

There are different EMF radiation types and I would say there are nearly no building locations which will be free of all of them. Over time the sources of EMF radiation will also tend to increase, not decrease. Most can be mitigated against nicely in most cases and some are unfixable.

So, which ones are important when deciding to forget about a property or start getting excited about the prospect of building and living there? Open the drop down fields here to learn more about the EMF radiation types. After that, you will need to understand how to adequately  investigate that with a PROPER amateur meter.

Magnetic Fields to be avoided at any cost

Magnetic fields come from electrical current, the flow of electricity. The problem with magnetic fields is that they really can’t be effectively and economically shielded against in a residential setting. They penetrate ‘anything’ you build your home from and can come out of the ground from cables you can’t even see.

Most governments have set acceptable exposure limits for magnetic fields many years ago, largely based on research that looks at thermal properties. Meaning this research figure that if your body tissue is heating up, that was the first and only result that should avoided. This is of course crazy! Our bodies are electrical miracles and naturally many biological effects would happen in us BEFORE we get cooked. There is enough research that shows that too. Nevertheless, governments don’t change their set standards. Why? Perhaps because they would find that a big percentage of homes would have to be classified as uninhabitable if they lowered their exposure standards to where they should be.

The rules in most countries are set such that exposure to 1000mG (milligauss)/100,000 nT (nanoTesla) is deemed acceptable and safe. Research shows us health effects down to 1mG / 100 nT and for this reason we would recommend that we stay away from this level and that ideally you would see 0.3mG / 30nT in a bedroom.

When considering a block of land to build on or an existing home to renovate, we would urge you to seek a site where you are under 0.3mG/30nT or as close to it as possible.

IMPORTANT to consider:

  1. Magnetic fields should be expected to worsen (get stronger and reach further at levels of concern) as the usage of power in the area increases.
  2. Magnetic fields can be causes by stray current in the ground that tracks through the home especially when building on a concrete slab with grounded metal reinforcement. (Patrick will discuss this with you during consultations)

Power running past the property (mind all sides of the property) is typically your main sources of magnetic fields.

MAGNETIC FIELDS will be your primary reason
to NOT buy or build on a block of land.

Find out further down how to assess them with a PROPER magnetic field meter.

Radio Frequency Radiation from Transmitters

Radio Frequency or RF radiation comes from things that transmit a signal like phones, phone towers, WiFi, radar and airport navigation systems. Our exposure to this has increased exponentially over the years and there is much research showing the effects of this at levels far lower than typical government exposure standards.

When it comes to a potential home site this is a consideration but we are able to shield against it with holistically designed solutions like T98 shielding paint, Nova fabric and GPA mesh.

That being said, your home, palace or resort will also have outdoor areas which can of course not be shielded. You have to contemplate how much time you, your children or your guests might want to spend outside or on balconies and terraces enjoying the view or fresh air.

It is true that the bedrooms (sleeping areas) are the most important to have free of the stressors of electronic pollution so the rest and regeneration of the body can be much more optimal. For those not sensitive to EMF radiation, the outside area can then tolerate more exposure. Building in extremely high exposure to RF radiation may very well be a decision you regret later as many people will feel the effects of a nearby phone tower when enjoying the outside.

ASSESSING Radio Frequency Radiation

As professionals we are more interested in how much the body absorbs when it comes to RF radiation and we therefor use meters than assess how much the body absorbs. We are a big antenna after all. In that case we would like to see 30uV or less in a bedroom and would urge shielding above 100uV.

Amateur meters don’t assess the body. They assess the AIR only. This can give a rough idea of how ‘bad’ things might be, but when exposure is more mediocre an air assessment may underplay the need for radiation protection. When assessing the air for RF radiation, levels of over 10μW/m²  (microWatts per square meter) should be a warning sign that a body assessment would likely show we have a problem.

RF Radiation can be shielded against and often is in new build homes we are involved with, regardless of what levels are before the building starts. RF radiation always gets worse and shielding is most cost effective to implement during the building process instead of after.

Electric fields from voltage

This is considered mostly an in-the-home problem. Normal electrical wiring will emit electric fields as a never ending irritation which especially at night in the bedrooms is of concern.

When assessing a piece of land to build your home on, there is no internal wiring to assess. You may however have overhead power cables running through the street and if they are close enough these can ‘rain’ electric fields onto your property and home.

Shielding can be put in the home to deal with this but I’d say it is, like with RF radiation, a consideration for the outside space as well where you, the kids or guests may like to spend time.

When it comes to building your home and avoiding electric fields from the wiring, this will be something we’ll spend a lot of time on in the consulting stage.

When it comes to assessing its exposure, professionals like to assess electric fields on the body (not the air which most amateur meters do). When considering an ‘air’ assessment of the situation, 0.3 V/m is where alarm bells should start to ring.

Patrick van der Burght on-site in Germany Radiation-Free Building project

Do you want to discuss your findings on a potential building site with Patrick van der Burght, then you can book an online appointment right now.

What meter should I use to investigate EMF radiation myself before buying land to build a home?

Just before we answer this you need to understand that amateur EMF meters are not as good, accurate or stable as professional meters. That having been said you can buy a quality amateur EMF meter and investigate magnetic fields quite well. This is the most important type of radiation to assess on a property you are considering purchasing. Let’s explain in more detail:


Patrick van der Burght in an interview with a UK doctor that has been campaigning for many years, especially against EMF radiation exposure in schools.

What should you expect to pay for a good EMF meter?

Price is a reasonable indicator for quality between low price and mid-range EMF meters or gauss meters. We have seen USD50 EMF meters/gauss meters where the indications stayed on zero (!) only to start indicating when levels were at terribly high levels of 4mG/400nT. Effectively claiming ‘all was fine’ till that point.

If you are going to make an important decision whether or not to spend hundreds of thousands, or millions on a property… you should invest in something of reasonable quality. Expect to pay at least about USD175 and then still you need to know what features are important.

What is the most important EMF radiation type to measure when buying land?

The answer is Magnetic Fields. When it comes to electric fields, these will come off any normal electrical wiring and therefor if you are looking at a vacant block of land, there may not be any electric fields unless there are local distribution lines in the street. Regardless electric fields can normally be shielded against.

Radio frequency radiation (RF) can also be shielded against, except outside. I would put RF as your second most important factor to know about, but please realise is only every gets worse! More phone towers and higher frequency systems go up all the time. (4G… 5G… 6G?).

Magnetic fields can’t be shielded against so you should avoid high levels of those those at all cost. It is magnetic fields that will cause you to put a block of land or a home you bought to renovate back onto the market to sell it because the magnetic fields are there to stay and penetrate ‘everything’.


What features does an EMF meter or gauss meter need to measure magnetic fields well?

A gauss meter (measures magnetic fields) assesses the magnetic field by the use of coils inside the meter. Magnetic fields have a direction in which they move and when the coil lines up with the magnetic field, it is excited and that gives your readings and values. If an EMF meter / gauss meter only has one coil, then you could get low readings because you’re not holding the meter perfectly lined up with the direction of the magnetic field.

There is a way to work with a single-axis gauss meter but is it needlessly complicated. Instead, you should really buy a good triple-axis gauss meter. This has 3 coils and calculates between the coils what your exposure is without you having to brush up on your maths at every single spot you want to measure. 

A Triple-Axis Gauss Meter is easiest to use

Consultation to building company about large scale shielding of residential apartments in Malaysia

How to use and hold a triple-axis gauss meter when measuring magnetic fields

Hold it steady. Don't change it's orientation unless you have to.

If you have to change it's orientation, give it a second to settle.

Inside a home, turn appliances and lighting on. Move to the floor and ceiling on occassion.

When experiencing 'borderline' values, realise levels can be higher at different times of the day. Come back and assess again in the morning, afternoon and night.

The only EMF radiation type you can assess yourself are magnetic fields

CAs mentioned there are various EMF radiation types that are common to find inside a new or existing home. Most of the time these can be avoided by implementing radiation-free building practices, for which you will need the assistance of a well trained and well experiences consultant like Patrick van der Burght.

When it comes to selecting a site to build or renovate a home on, the magnetic fields are most important to assess because they often can’t but shielded against. During your property hunt (before you sign a purchase agreement) you can investigate magnetic fields reasonably well at each property to dismiss the homes with unfixable problems. We recommend a TF2 meter as a quality amateur meter with a short online course included to make sure you know what you’re doing.

What is a Gauss Meter?

Video will be added soon – This is what a gauss meter looks like. It can be a simple device to operate but you need to know what the number mean.


How to measure magnetic fields

Video will be added soon – There are some simple rules to using a gauss meter. How you hold it shouldn’t matter for this EMF type but other things do matter.

Assessing a vacant block of land for magnetic fields

Video to come – Let’s take you for a brief insight on what you would want to investigate on an emtpy block of land when it comes to magnetic fields.

Assessing a potential home renovation site

CVideo to come – A home renovation site can be plagued by magnetic fields from outside AND inside… caution is advised.

What to do once I've found suitable land you want to build on without EMF radiation?

Congratulation! From all the land you’ve looked at, you’ve made sure that the land you want to buy does not have magnetic field exposure that is of concerning levels and you don’t foresee dramatic increases of power usage close to this property. Now what to do?

Before you commit to signing a purchase agreement, you could engage our services to double check your findings with professional equipment and let our experienced eyes look at your site and the surrounding area. Contact us and Patrick can come to you no matter what country you’re in, or perhaps he has a more local team member with the right skill-set who can visit on-site and assess what Patrick want to know before giving you the thumbs up.

If you decided to skip an on-site visit, we can also do an online consultation where you relate your findings to Patrick, discuss the property and Patrick may be able to bring some things to your attention that you still want to investigate before signing your purchase agreement.

It is possible to sign a purchase agreement subject to conditions, like the positive review of a Geobiologist like Patrick van der Burght after an on-site assessment (like a pest of structural building inspection). Having had some experience in real estate as a real estate agent, Patrick has some important opinions on this process. He can share this with you in a consultation before you put in your offer to buy the property.


What to do once you have purchased land you want to build on with EMF radiation avoidance?

Ideally you’ve made sure your land doesn’t have magnetic field problems and you’ve ideally had your investigation double checked by Patrick, a team member, or at least had an online consultation about your decision, and you have purchased and secured the land. Congratulations.

Now it is time to get Patrick van der Burght involved regarding the EMF radiation problems you would want to avoid when building your new home, health resort or palace (Patrick has experience with royalty as well).  You could book a seperate preliminary online consultation (1 hour) to discuss your project if you haven’t spoken to Patrick before. This way you get general insights in the process and the problems you’ll be trying to avoid. Or, if you have had an online consultation already, or you already know you want Patrick working on your project, you could ask to be taken as a ‘building client’ and pay for 3 hours of consultation up front (This is cheaper per hour than the 1 hour general session).

During your consultation journey and building project, Patrick and his team will educate and advise you on:

  • Home design vs Radiation-Free Building
  • Useful EMF reducing normal building materials
  • Wholistic EMF radiation shielding materials that can be incorporate in your building project
  • How to negotiate with your building team that you want EMF shielding and avoidance incorporated
  • Analysis of your eventual design and formulations of various approaches
  • In-depth workout of the radiation-free building approach you selected and costing of materials
  • (Online) meetings with your architect or building team to clarify application of products at the very beginning and just before application (possibly even on-site)
  • Possible post-building on-visit to analysie and celebrate the achieved levels

Get experience on your side

Involve us in your building project


Congratulations to you for realising the importance of creating a home or building that supports health instead of letting it burden health. We look forward to being part of your project. What to do next?

If you haven't committed to purchasing land yet, then the most sensible is to book an online consultation with Patrick van der Burght and discuss your steps going forward. This can include you conducting preliminary assessments for magnetic fields with a proper meter and after that an on-site assessment by us. In the online consultation we can also discuss your general building ideas and give you feedback of the options or radiation-free building approached available to you.

If you already have the land, the same online consultation can be used to get pointer on how to assess what you have already purchased.

Once you know where you're building then you have two options:

  • Do an online consultation to discuss your ideas in general, get feedback and ideas on how you could make improvements to your ideas and decide if we are the right company to assist you going forward from that, or
  • When you know you want us to work with you; Request to be taken on as a building client by contacting us, be charged for a minimum 3 hours consulting time so that you can send us your plans to be analysed in great detail and present you with formal approaches for your plans. If you don't have plans ready yet, you can use part of the initial 3 hours to have preliminary discussions on design and approaches you could use.

 We look forward to working with you and help you create a home, resort or palace what doesn't just suit the lifestyle but also supports health.



NOTICE: The term radiation-free or EMF-free should not be taken literally. There will always some level of radiation exposure including important natural signals we get from nature. The aim of EMF radiation protection is to lower exposure to a level where the body can function more effectively to aid health recovery and maintainance. Radiation protection is not a medicine or treatment.