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Radiation-Free Building eBook by Patrick van der Burght

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Get an impression on Radiation-Free Building

This quick overview takes you past some details involved in Radiation-Free Building projects in the past. Much wise advise and tips are hidden in these comments. Enjoy.

What is a Gauss Meter?

Video will be added soon – This is what a gauss meter looks like. It can be a simple device to operate but you need to know what the number mean.


How to measure magnetic fields

Video will be added soon – There are some simple rules to using a gauss meter. How you hold it shouldn’t matter for this EMF type but other things do matter.

Assessing a vacant block of land for magnetic fields

Video to come – Let’s take you for a brief insight on what you would want to investigate on an emtpy block of land when it comes to magnetic fields.

Assessing a potential home renovation site

CVideo to come – A home renovation site can be plagued by magnetic fields from outside AND inside… caution is advised.

Get experience on your side

Involve us in your building project


Congratulations to you for realising the importance of creating a home or building that supports health instead of letting it burden health. We look forward to being part of your project. What to do next?

If you haven't committed to purchasing land yet, then the most sensible is to book an online consultation with Patrick van der Burght and discuss your steps going forward. This can include you conducting preliminary assessments for magnetic fields with a proper meter and after that an on-site assessment by us. In the online consultation we can also discuss your general building ideas and give you feedback of the options or radiation-free building approached available to you.

If you already have the land, the same online consultation can be used to get pointer on how to assess what you have already purchased.

Once you know where you're building then you have two options:

  • Do an online consultation to discuss your ideas in general, get feedback and ideas on how you could make improvements to your ideas and decide if we are the right company to assist you going forward from that, or
  • When you know you want us to work with you; Request to be taken on as a building client by contacting us, be charged for a minimum 3 hours consulting time so that you can send us your plans to be analysed in great detail and present you with formal approaches for your plans. If you don't have plans ready yet, you can use part of the initial 3 hours to have preliminary discussions on design and approaches you could use.

 We look forward to working with you and help you create a home, resort or palace what doesn't just suit the lifestyle but also supports health.



NOTICE: The term radiation-free or EMF-free should not be taken literally. There will always some level of radiation exposure including important natural signals we get from nature. The aim of EMF radiation protection is to lower exposure to a level where the body can function more effectively to aid health recovery and maintainance. Radiation protection is not a medicine or treatment.